Best Pool Toys for Kids 2020


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Are you looking for a way to introduce your child to water play? Do you need something to keep your kids interested in learning about being safe in the water? Pool toys for kids can help get your children comfortable in the water while having fun. 

Water toys do not need to be just for the swimming pool, though. Many parents will introduce these products in small personal pools in the yard or even the bathtub. The only considerations will be the size of the items you want your child to use in the desired space. 

Benefits of Having Pool Toys 

Making pool toys accessible isn’t just for playing anymore. They can help your child be active and safe, help them with balance, and promote hand-eye coordination. If your family spends time in the water, or you are introducing to water play, fun pool toys can make it easier. 

1. Keeping Kids Active 

If your child has toys to use in the water, they will be more active and engaged. By having the right pool accessories, your little ones will enjoy more time in the water without becoming bored or disinterested. 

2. Become Familiar with Water Safety

Many swim toys can help with safety for children. From paddleboards to floating rings, you are sure to find great pool items that will help keep your child safe while in the water. 

3. Promotes Hand-Eye Coordination

Some of the funnest pool toys are the ones they can use as part of a game. Hand-eye coordination develops when they play toss with a beach ball or retrieve rings from below the surface. 

4. Helps with Balance

Many awesome pool toys can help your child with balance while playing in the water. Foam noodles, inflatable water wheels, or even Styrofoam floating boards can help develop balance in the water.

5. Provides Continuous Entertainment

Your children will not complain they are bored in the pool when they have an ample supply of different items to play with. Exploring interactive play is much more entertaining when they have products that will keep them entertained while in the pool. 

Safety Concerns

Before considering getting a suitable pool toy for your kid, you need to take note if the product you want to purchase is safe for use regardless of how perfect it might look. You need to take note of the following:

  • It must be BPA (Bisphenol-A), PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and Phthalates free.
  • It must be non-toxic.
  • It must not contain any harmful substance or component.
  • It must be Eco-friendly.
  • Obviously, it must be Waterproof

Considerations For Choosing The Best Pool Toys For Kids

Before making your purchase, there are few things to consider which are outlined below to aid your decision-making process as well as guide you into making the best choice of toys for your kids.

1. Safety

Before making your purchase, you need to know if the product you want to choose is safe enough for your kid as well as the environment. You need to know the product composition, whether it contains recyclable materials and ensure it does not contain any harmful component. Also you need to know if the product is BPA, PVC and Phthalates free as this ensures your kid’s safety as long as the product is in use. Also the product you’re to get must be waterproof.

2. Age

Each product has it’s age range and weight capacity. You need to know if the product you want to purchase is suitable for your 2 year old kid. Ensure the product you want to get aligns with your kid’s age range.

3. Size

When making your choice, you need to consider toys that are considerably lightweight and compact to make it easier to carry and use. Getting bulky toys for your kids is not ideal for swim plays. Lightweight toys that floats makes it easy for your kid to handle.

4. Cost

For some parents, the cost can be a deciding factor on the type of kids swimming toys purchased

5. Child’s liking

Children’s pool toys need to be fun and engaging, so they will want to spend time playing with them in the water

The Best Pool Toys for Kids

Some of the best pool toys available are fun, safe, and unique for kids of all ages. If you are searching for cool pool toys for your little one, check out the list below for some popular options. 


This wonderful pool toy has a submarine feature of a spinning rear propeller along with a very flat bottom that makes the toy stable. It is an indoor and outdoor toy that has a classic handle with wide mouth opening combination that allows your kids scoop and pour into the toy. It’s an eco-friendly toy that is made of recycled plastic and weighs around 0.18kg. It’s BPA, Phthalates and PVC free features makes it safe for use by your little ones.

This toy is the perfect size for the bathtub but can also be taken to the beach or local swimming pool. There are no sharp corners, and all edges are smooth and safe for your little one. 

Key Features

It is dishwasher safe which makes it easy to clean.
The suitable age range is from six months to six years.
It helps your little ones explore the terrain of the tub with it’s floating and submerging features.
With it’s handle for scooping and pouring water, it makes it more fun to use.
Small size makes it portable to take with you to the beach or pool.


Eco- friendly
Light weight
Easy to clean


Has a tiny hatch 
Too many holes and openings


This toy has amazing features and it’s floating ability makes it more fun to use. Its giant 45- inch tall inflatable has great basketball action with multi parts for multiple shooters. It is made of heavy guage vinyl while the giant shoot ball comes with one ball. The multipart brings more creativity as more players can join in the game.

It includes multiple ports and 3 balls to help promote group play for more than one shooter at a time. It aids in developing hand-eye coordination for any age. 

Made of heavy-duty materials, the wide base keeps it stable while floating in the water during playtime. There are four different chambers to inflate which helps for stability and durability. 

Key Features

Made with strong, durable materials which can withstand strong ball throws
Weighs around 5 pounds
Can be improvised as a float holding for kids
 It is 45- inches tall and 36 inches wide


The shoot ball is well built which makes it quite durable 
Can be used in shallow lakes or ponds
It is deflatable
It is sturdy and can withstand multiple players


Tedious deflating because of the tiny air valves
Shoot ball is big and might not work in small pools
Hoop is very tall, which is a disadvantage to small children


This particular pool toy features exquisite designs made of premium, fade resistant fabrics that stretches in four ways making it easier to move in various direction and having longer fun moments at the beach or pool.

This mermaid tail has a patented, monofin that is comfortable ,cozy, safe and easy to remove in the water. With it’s dive-grade, soft neoprene and patented monofin, it secures the tail comfortably around the ankles ensuring your kid’s swimming experience is wonderful.

It’s indestructible polypropylene insert gives the monofin it’s perfect shape while it flexes and bends as you swim. In case of oversize, you can roll up to the midriffs with ease.

With the fin fun wear, it improves the kid’s swimming skills and develops diving methods.

Key Features

Beautiful, safe and comfortable.
This product features a reinforced tail tip technology that guards against tears and rips at the tail tips which makes this particular product unique.
Matches Fin Fun swim wear, sarongs and headwraps which can make you doll up as a complete mermaid.
 Has a quick remove method which makes it easy and comfortable to put off.


Has vibrant colors which is a source of enthusiasm
Nice texture
Super flexible
Easy to put on
Resistant to sun rays and chlorine present inside pool waters
Made of unbreakable monofin and neoprene cover


Hard to clean 
Too flexible
Gets dirty easily


This is an indoor and outdoor awesome pool toy made with environment-friendly materials which include recycled mild plastic containers that help safe the greenhouse effect with a wide spout that enables your child to scoop out or pour out water when needed, enabling scoop and pour fun. This kid’s pool play toy is suitable for your kids as it develops your child’s motor and swimming skills.

This product is perfect for the bath, pool, or lake. 

Made from 100% recycled materials, Green Toys are environmentally friendly. It is BPA, Phthalates, and PVC free, making it safe for your little one to play with for a long time. 

Key Features

 It is eco-friendly; made  with recycled milk containers
Enhances swimming skills
Boat develops kid’s motor skills as they sail, twirl and twist the boat
 Weighs around 8.3 ounces making it lightweight
It is BPA, PVC and Phthalates free


 Environmentally friendly
BPA, PVC, Phthalates free making it safe for use
Colorful design 
Dishwasher safe 
Scoop and Pour feature


If not dried out well after use,it can develop a gross thin layer on the inners.
Can sink easily due to the pour spout at front filling with water


This is an exceptional toddler pool toy that makes swimming fun with its volleyball game with anchor bags included to hold the floating net in position. This toy is nice in such a way that it is inflatable with a floating net that makes it sturdy enough while in use.

This floating volleyball game is a great addition to any backyard pool space. It helps encourage team play in the water. Includes an inflatable ball and a repair kit to patch up any spots later from extended use. 

Key Features

 Shelf box creates more fun as kids get fussy with it.
The inflatable poles are anchored to eliminate the possibility of it tipping over while in use..
Can be used by dual and multiple players.
Looks like a jet ski which makes it more adventurous.


Contains anchor weight bags and repair kit
Can be used by multiple players depending on the size of the pool
Comes handy with a durable ten-guage vinyl net and seven guage vinyl ball


The anchor bags are short by two feet making it require additional length to be able to reach the bottom of the pool


An awesome swimming pool toy made up of a bold and sleek design with a 10 guage vinyl that has a wide base for extra support and stability. It’s heavy-duty handle looks like a jet ski which makes it adventurous while your kids play in the pool.

A ride-on toy designed for children ages 3 and up, it is a perfect way to keep your child entertained in the water. The extra-wide base helps keep your little one balanced during use. It has a sturdy handle to hang on to while they enjoy their playtime. 

Made from durable plastic materials, this ride-on product includes a repair patch if needed for later. Mimicking the look of a real jet ski, this wave rider lets your little one imagine riding the waves while in the water. 

Key Features

Weighs about 11.2 ounces with dimensions 46×30.5 inches.
Handle helps secure the kids as they grab on it while playing.
Can be used by dual and multiple players.
Looks like a jet ski which makes it more adventurous.


Attractive design 
Grab handle for safety 
Perfect size for kids


Color bleeds easily.
Not recommended for kids under 3 years of age


A simple take on water guns, these blasters are perfect for any outdoor swimming pool or lake. Made with the same material as pool noodles, they come in a variety of attractive colors.

They are easy to use, with the plunger mechanism to refill and shoot an opponent.

This featherweight, compact toy is great fun for use in water be it at a pool or beach and a wonderful feature of this toy is the water shooters that can shoot water up to 30 feets. These floating water shooters look like ordinary pool noodles. All you have to do is pull back the handle to load with water and take aim, push handle forward to blast water at your target.

Key Features

Compact and comes in various colors.
This foam water shooters pack includes 6 colorful toys to provide hours of fun game play for a group of kids.
Blasts up water up to 30ft which makes it more fun to hit farther targets.


Blasts water up to 30 feets
 Floats on water
 Availability in different colors


Can be significantly smaller than other brands
Does not hold a large amount of water

Some of the best options for your child will be colorful, help them engage in play with others, and keep them active. Foam noodles, dive rings, and inflatable balls can also be great additions that do not take up a lot of space and are very budget-friendly for families. 

Remember Safety in the Water

Even if you have the very best baby pool toy choices, they will not guarantee your little one is completely safe. Your infant should always be supervised even in the shallowest end of a baby pool or a kids play pool. Drowning in children can occur in even a few inches of water. 

Some basic safety tips when your child is playing with pool toys are: 

  • Keep within an arm’s reach of your child
  • Do not let kids play unattended even with unique pool toys that float
  • Pool toys for 3-year olds can pose risks for young children, so be diligent on age requirements

Frequently Asked Questions  

1. Are inflatable pool toys safe for toddlers?

Yes, there are many inflatable products your toddler can use. You will need to ensure that the weight requirements are followed for safety reasons. 

2. At what age can children start using pool toys?

Little ones of any age can use a variety of pool toys. You should be careful about choosing items that are recommended for different ages. 

3. Can you use pool toys anywhere?

Yes, you can use them anywhere that your child is having fun. From public pools to lakes or even the bathtub, smaller items are perfect for transporting and using in smaller spaces. 

4. How long should pool toys last?

If you take care of the products, they should last quite a while, depending on how often you use them. When using an inflatable product for your toddler to sit in regularly, you can expect it to wear out after a year, or you may have to purchase a new one due to their weight changes. 


No matter what stage your child is, there are exciting and fun pool toys for kids of all ages. They can still enjoy a wide variety of products even if they cannot swim yet. These types of items will get them familiar and more comfortable as they grow used to water play. 

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