Freemie Breast Pump Reviews[2020]: Should I Buy One?


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All you must learn about Freemie collection cups as well as how you can use them. 

It’s well-known that pumping breast milk can benefit your baby and you yourself. In an emergency, it can be a life-saver and it’s better for infants than formula milk. 

With this in mind, how can you choose the best breastpump that gets the job done painlessly and easily? More importantly, how can you use one? 

The Freemie Freedom Breast Pump is a top product on the market today being affordable, user-friendly and efficient. However, it has its own advantages and disadvantages. 

So read on and learn all about this product in our Freemie breast pump reviews so you can get answers for all your questions! 

What is the Freemie Freedom Breast Pump?

The Freemie pump is, essentially, a cup that is hands-free which you put in your bra, allowing it to collect your breastmilk independently.

It’s created for mothers who either can’t breastfeed or can’t express in a traditional way often enough. It can be used while walking around, doing chores or working.

It’s comfortable, convenient, and simple to use. Therefore, if you’re a busy mother, this could be the ideal solution for you!

It’s made up of these components:

  • Two collection cups
  • A pumping unit
  • Two funnels
  • The power cord
  • The connection kit including all tubing and valves 

Each of the collection cups is capable of carrying as much as 8oz of breastmilk – virtually an entire cup! 

How do I Use the Free Me Breast Pump?

You’ll find the Freemie standard independence mobile pump user-friendly. Even if you’re unfamiliar with the way it functions initially, after just one try you’ll become used to its operation. 

You use it like this:

1. Put the kit together 

Your kit will be supplied with instructions about how you can put the device together. You’ll find them simple to follow so the entire kit can be assembled in just a couple of minutes. 

Ensure that all of the components aren’t contaminated and are clean. You don’t want your newborn to be fed with milk that has been contaminated. 

Should you have any issues, you should watch the tutorial video that teaches you how you can put the kit together quickly and easily. 

2. Center the Nipple 

Once you’ve placed the cups onto your breast, ensure the nipple is right at its center. 

If your nipples begin hurting during pumping you should stop expressing to ensure the nipple is at the cup’s exact center. It’s also possible to turn the suction down to a low setting so the pressure is lowered and you don’t experience pain. 

3. Good Contact With The Skin 

To ensure the cup works properly it must have good contact on your breasts’ skin. 

The cup must be sealed so no air can leak in to limit the process of pumping. 

4. Stay As Relaxed As Possible

You must be relaxed so the milk can come out of the breasts to fill the cup. If you’re stressed or intimidated by the process, the muscles trap your breastmilk inside so it cannot be expressed.

Relax and loosen up so your milk can be let down.

5. Have Short Sessions at First 

Initially, it’s best for sessions to be short. You can begin extending them gradually over time. 

If you use the double kit your expressing sessions can be shorter than if you’re using the single kit. 

After you’ve become comfortable using the cups, it’s possible to decrease the speed while increasing your suction setting. Basically, you need to adjust the setting until it’s comfortable and you experience no pain.

6. Express With Your Hands Immediately After Birth

Immediately after giving birth you’ll only lactate a tiny amount of milk. This is known as colostrum. At this stage, expressing milk using your hands is better than using a breastpump. 

After a few days, you’ll begin producing more milk and this is when it’s best to begin using this device for expressing.

How can you tell the difference between regular breastmilk and colostrum? 

Colostrum is yellow and has a creamier texture. When it has been standing for a while it also forms layers. Don’t be surprised or worried if you see your milk is different in color to that of other mothers – this is entirely normal. 

After your body finishes producing colostrum and begins lactating more, the breastmilk takes on a bluish-white shade although it may still have the creamier layer on the top and it may still form layers after it has been standing for a while. 

Freemie Collection Cups Review – The Positives and Negatives 

If you’re trying to work out which is the best device for you to buy, here you’ll find out honest Freemie Independence reviews.

The Positives  

After reading many genuine Freemie reviews, many moms say these are the top advantages of this product: 

1. You’ll Enjoy Greater Freedom 

Freemie pump reviews often point out that this product gives you greater freedom than any other hands free standard pump will. Entirely hands-free, you can live life completely normally with no need to worry about expressing. 

You’ll be able to hold your little work, work, do chores, read, or use the computer while you express and this gives you your freedom and your life back, something that’s priceless. 

2. Your Pumping Session Will Be Quiet 

A lot of pumps are loud and distracting which is uncomfortable or embarrassing if you’ve got people around or if you’re working. Nobody wants to attract unwanted attention from coworkers or friends. 

Luckily, reviews point out that these pumps are very quiet so you can express discreetly and silently without anyone noticing. 

3. You Can Move About 

The Freemie Freedom pump lets you move about without any difficulties. It won’t fall out or spill any milk when you move. 

As long as the seal is good and there’s close contact with the skin of your breasts, you’ll be free to go anywhere and move about at will.

4. An Affordable Price

This  pump may not be cheap but it also isn’t too expensive. The price tag is middle-ground and that makes it affordable for most moms.

Also, it’s an investment in your health, freedom and time. 

5. It Can Be Connected With Other Types Of Breastpump 

When you’ve got a suitable connection kit, it’s possible to connect the Freemie cups with any other breastpump. 

Sometimes, different elements of various products are appealing and you would like them all to be combined together into a single product. As an example, you may enjoy the comfort of this model’s cups however you may prefer the suction on another device. 

Fortunately, it’s possible to combine Freedoms cups with another breastpump so you can enjoy all of the benefits when power pumping!

6. Easy Assembly 

There are some pumps which are difficult to assemble but this model is supplied with simple, clear instructions which enable the entire thing to be assembled in virtually no time at all. Once you’re done, it’s also possible to take it quickly apart for sterilizing and cleaning. This is vital for any busy mom who lacks sufficient time to put together a complex machine then disassemble it each time they want to express. 

The Negatives 

Some disadvantages associated with this product include: 

1. No Battery 

You can’t use any battery power in order to power this device. Instead, you must be connected to a power outlet continuously for this device to function. 

That’s quite uncomfortable and inconvenient for some mothers. It’s possible, though, to keep it underneath your shirt so you forget all about it. Eventually, you’ll even forget the cups have been plugged in. 

2. No Milk Flow 

Some deluxe set reviews mention the milk will sometimes flow backwards up the tube rather than into the cup. 

If this occurs it can be a problem since all your milk is needed for your baby. 

Tips To Get The Most From Your Freemie Pump & Cups

Below, you’ll find some top tips to assist you in using your pumping kit effectively so you can make the most from the experience. 

1. Wear a Tight-Fitting Bra 

A top secret to making the most of your pumping kit is to keep close contact with your breasts and the cups. The tight skin seal prevents air from entering for maximum possible suction. 

You can help this process by wearing a tight-fitting bra that gives excellent compression. A well-structured or sport nursing bra will be ideal for this. 

Choose a bra that gives you both comfort and a tighter fit simultaneously. 

2. Avoid Leaning Forward 

Although this hands-free device gives you the freedom to move about, you shouldn’t lean too far forwards. 

When you do this, the breastmilk flows back up the tube so it doesn’t properly drain. It’s best to relax and sit back if you’re wearing them. You can also walk about as long as you don’t lean excessively.  

3. Wear Tank Tops 

Freedom cups let you wear any clothes you prefer since they stay underneath them. 

But, if you’re looking for easier access to your collection cups, you should wear tank tops as much as possible. If you’d prefer, you can also cover them with a blouse or open shirt. 

This allows you to put on the cups and taken off the cups whenever you need to as conveniently as possible. 

Freemie Breast Pump vs Medela – A Comparison

When you’re comparing Medela models with models from this brand, the most similar one is a Double Electric Medela Breast Pump

When compared with Freedom cups, it’s more convenient and portable for moms. Below, you’ll see some advantages and disadvantages of this Medela Double Electric Breast Pump:


1. Battery Powered

Unlike Freemie’s cups, the Medela model features a fully rechargeable battery and this makes it portable. 

Also, the life of the battery is sufficiently long so you’re able to take the device to work with no need to worry about find a power outlet. 

2. One-Sided Pumping

With just a single tap, you’re able to select to express one side, leaving the other until it’s needed. 

3. Smarter Pumping 

Medela’s model features a memory to track pumping sessions to give you your personalized routine so things can be kept easier. 


1. Expensive 

The cost of a Medela Double Electric Breast Pump is expensive for lots of moms. This is probably because it’s electric, not manual. Learn more in this guide to Manual vs electric breast pump.

2. Not Sufficiently Strong

Some moms have found this device doesn’t have strong enough suction power.

3. A Poor Fit 

Although two shield sizes are supplied with this model, you may find that neither fit you properly. 

Therefore, after looking at both the advantages and disadvantages of both of these products, you’ll have the information you need to determine the best option for you. Other competitors are in the marketplace too, so you may want to read their reviews. For example our Hakka breast pump review

Freemie Cups & Breast Pump Review – The Verdict: Good Value Or Not?

Having checked out this detailed review, should you spend your money on the Freemie Freedom breast pump or not? 

We Think it’s definitely worth it! All moms enjoy having peace of mind and this product brings plenty of it. If you’re looking for easy pumping, comfort, discretion, an affordable price tag and other benefits, you’ll find this device doesn’t disappoint. 

On the other hand, if you’d rather your breasts don’t look larger at work or in public, you may want to reconsider this. Many of Freemie’s brand reviews state that the cups make breasts appear larger than usual because of their added thickness. 

Apart from this, it’s an excellent choice for a lot of breastfeeding mothers!

Final Thoughts

Like every pumping kit, the Free Me comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. But, what it supplies outweighs the disadvantages. After all, who doesn’t want their life back so they can quit worrying about nursing? 

We hope our Freemie breast pump reviews have helped you to work out whether this is the right choice for you! 

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