10 Best Cooler (Bag) for Breastmilk in 2021


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Are you looking for the best way to preserve your baby’s breast milk?  Then you need the best cooler for breastmilk. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s a manual or electric pump you’re using. This cooler helps to maintain a suitable temperature for your breastmilk even while you’re on travel trips. 

However, you might find it challenging to choose a quality one due to the numerous available options. But you need not worry, as this article will help you make the right choice. 

Here we provide the top 10 best breastmilk cooler bags and other information that will help you make an informed purchase.  

Quick Products Compare

Medela Breast Milk Cooler

  • Four 5-pound bottles 
  • Ideal contour shape ice pack 
  • Non-PVC microfiber bag 
  • BPA, Latex, and Lead-Free
  • Built-in Ice
  • Compatible with Medela breast pump bag

Momcozy Insulated Baby Bottle Bag 

  • Insulated component (removable) 
  • Detachable shoulder and buckle strap 
  • Multi-Use for breastfeeding bottles and Lunch) 
  • Waterproof and durable 
  • Zipper closure 
  • Extra pocket in front and side 
  • Little phone pouch 

Sarah Wells Cold Gold Breast Milk Cooler Bag

  • Custom made Sarah wells ice pack 
  • Stylish breast cooler bag space 
  • Detachable handle 
  • Durable nylon finish 
  • Extra space for valves and keys 

Skip Hop Insulated Breast Milk cooler

  • Two-way zipper closure and opener 
  • Mesh pocket for baby essentials 
  • Good freezer pack 
  • Double large bottle space 
  • Insulated lining 

FlexiFreeze Pocket Book Breast Milk Cooler 

  • Freezable compartment 
  • 16 cubes of pure water 
  • Double mini/small bottles 
  • Four hours max/min storage 
  • Compact and stealth 

PackIt Freezable Baby Bottle Cooler

  • A collapsible bag that is easy to store in a freezer overnight 
  • The non-toxic freezable gel in its walls 
  • Zippered closure to lock in dry, cool air
  • Front pocket for storing name and date 
  • BPA-free and PVC-free materials
  • It can hold 4 bottles

Lekebaby Breast Milk Cooler Bag

  • Insulated linings to keep breastmilk cold  
  • Ice packs 
  • Can hold 6 large bottles 
  • Adjustable strap for carrying on shoulders
  • Made with non-toxic, water-resistant materials 
  • Additional front zipper pocket

Teamoy Breast Pump Bag Backpack

  • Multipurpose design for storing breast pumps and cooling breastmilk  
  • Large capacity design 
  • Comfortable design 
  • Extra pockets 
  • Anti-theft zipper pocket
  • Water-resistant design 
  • Leak-proof

Zohzo Breastmilk Compact Cooler Bag  

  • Highly Insulated 
  • Simple design 
  • Made with polyester 
  • It comes with a reusable ice pack 
  •  Wet-dry bag 
  • It can hold 4 standard-sized breastmilk bottles

J.L. Childress 6 Bottle Cooler

  • Large compartment 
  • It comes with a reusable ice pack 
  • Lead-free, PVC-free, and phthalate-free
  • Two compartments
  • Fully insulated 
  • Leak-proof 
  • Keeps items cool for up to 8 hours 

What is a Cooler Bag?

In a world where the normal ambiance is higher, using a breastmilk cooler regulates the heat. In other words, it keeps your milk cold, thus avoiding spoilage.

According to the CDC, you can only leave breast milk at room temperature for just about four hours. 

However, with the help of a fridge, you may just be able to store it for slightly more than four hours. I’m sure you won’t want your milk and efforts to waste by leaving it in a hot office room or car.  Hence, you should ensure to keep your milk in the cooler to preserve your labor. 

What are the Types of Cooler Bags Available in the Market? 

Depending on how big they are, breast milk coolers can hold various amounts of insulated baby food.  However, they differ in terms of the cooling mechanism. While some have a built-in cooling mechanism, most comes in separately. 

The ones that come with an inbuilt coolant require you to put the bottles into the frozen container. You don’t need a different ice pack to use it. It also makes things much simpler only that the whole can may become too cold to hold. 

The other type that comes with a separate ice pack that needs you to insert it into the cooler’s middle part. This procedure will help all the bottles in it get chilled. 

What Are the Best Cooler Bags for Breastmilk?

Without further ado, here are the best breast milk storage bags. 


Breastfeed your baby for as long as you wish with the help of Medela breast milk cooler. You can conveniently fit in your 5-ounce bottles with little stress. 

The container helps you maintain cool breast milk on-the-go. It also aids easy storage and transportation of breast milk for your baby while you’re away. 

Besides, it comes with four bottles that are perfect for feeding and storage. Furthermore, each container has lids that help to preserve your baby’s food from germs and contaminants. 

It is very portable, and you can insert it into the freestyle pump bags. Besides, it comes with an ice pack that can keep the breast milk fit for feeding for 12 hours. It also has a perfectly contoured shape to fit in snugly with the bottles. 

Additionally, you can wash the bottles with much ease, even with a dishwasher. Besides, they are BPA free so no fears of chemical intoxication. 


Holds breast milk for 12 hours 
Perfect for storage and transportation
It is ideal for long trips and travels.
Easy to clean 
Portable with a good handle 


It doesn’t hold nipple fitted bottles.
It contains just bottles and an ice pack
No space for other essentials
May not last under sun rays.
This Medela cooler is a perfect choice for breastfeeding mums that wish to travel for long hours. Moreover, it can hold the milk for up to 12 hours. It’s ideal for working moms and daycare babies.  It’s also portable to move around and easy either in a car or by hand.


Are you looking for one that can serve both as a bottle and lunch bag? Then you need the universal service of Momcozy Insulated Baby Bottle Bag. It is multifunctional and perfect for breast milk bottle storage and transport, and other items that may fit in. 

 Thus, it can convey six milk bottles with utmost convenience. Furthermore, it is compatible with bottle brands like Tommee Tippee, Nuk, Lansinoh, and Dr. Brown. 

Besides, you can attach it to a baby stroller with an ergonomic buckle. And you can even remove the breast milk cooler component. This feature helps you with the light load when you feel like it. 

Moreover, you can use it to carry both the breast pump and the storage bottles. All you have to do is stuff in the pump in the upper chamber while the bottles stay at the lower part. 

Additionally, it has an insulated feature that will keep your baby’s food in perfect condition. What’s more, it is also non-toxic and contains no chemical contaminants.  


Could contain all your baby essential like food and snack 
Big enough for wine conveying 
It comes with one of the best bottle cooler compartments.
Insulated and waterproof for optimum storage
Ergonomic shoulder strap for easy storage 


Zippers spoil after a short while
It feels too heavy 
If you have many bottles to carry around for enough baby food, this is a perfect choice for you. It helps carry your baby’s essentials with utmost convenience. 
Besides, its large compartment makes it ideal for your child’s lunch snacks. It’s also the best fit for mothers who have a portable breast pump for the road.


The Sarah Wells Cold Gold Breast Milk Cooler Bag promises ultra-convenience. It cools the baby’s food for up to eight hours and preserves the wellness of your breast milk. 

Moreover, it comes with a design that goes seamlessly with your breast pump carrier. It lets you carry all your baby items in the spacious compartment of the breastfeeding cooler bag. Besides, it features a breast milk ice pack that helps preserve the liquid gold. 

Additionally, you get to enjoy the fantastic blend of functionality and style at its peak. It’s also simple to sanitize and keep clean. You also get a BPA free carrier without the worries of damage. 


Stylish and super functional  
Cools breastmilk for 8 hours plus
Sleeves for easy carrying 
Easy to sanitize 
PVC and BPA free (non-toxic)


It contains fewer bottles than others on our list
It doesn’t contain the breast pump carrier 
Straps fall off easily 
Traveling mums! Are you looking for how to transport breastmilk while traveling? You can get the Sarah wells custom bags for your worries.  
It is incredibly lightweight and portable, the best cooler for traveling with breastmilk. What’s more, it is ideal for moms that want a functional bag with style.


You want to step for a long day and need your baby food with you? Skip hop cooler carrier is your best option for a quality breastfeeding cooler bag. 

It also contains a double bottle space for your milk cans and an insulator to keep it in the best conditions. Furthermore, you can add your baby sippy cups to the extra room. 

It is well secure with a 2-way zipper closure that ensures your baby’s food is intact. The lining is the Midas touch in the design as it keeps the milk warm or cool. You can easily attach it to a baby stroller using its adjustable straps. 

You also have access to a mesh pocket for your keys and phone. Moreover, the freezer pack is the best breast milk ice pack you’ll ever come across. 


Assures you of four hours of optimum storage 
Insulated and warm
Straps help to make it easy to carry   
Easy to open and close
Free from harmful chemicals


Prone to mold attack 
Not easy to clean  
Not machine washable  
Mothers that need quick access to their baby’s food can get this cooler carrier. It helps save the day when the baby is crying while nursing due to the need for food. 


Do you need a temporary breast milk bag to carry your baby’s food discreetly? FlexiFreeze Pocket Book Breast Milk Cooler is the best option for you. The 16-cube compartment holds the same number of ice cubes for better cooling of your breastmilk. 

It can also contain double mini bottles with your baby food inside. Moreover, it gets you four hours of optimum baby food storage. Also, it is durable and compact, the perfect recipe for a safe trip from the hospital. 

It’s the best pocket-size carrier for your baby bottles. What’s more, it provides you with utmost discretion and comfort when carrying your breastmilk. 


Easy and discreet carriage
Pocket-size and sleek
It is durable  
It comes with three Lansinoh bags
Convenience and comfortable to use


It can’t contain bigger bottles 
Not suitable for long travels 
Moms that want to keep it on a low can get this purse-size bag. It slips perfectly in a diaper bag without notice. It’s also perfect for the working-class mum that travels with her baby.


This is a one-of-a-kind, fully freezable, collapsible breast pump cooler bag. With it, you do not need to carry it along with ice packs or gels. Besides, it has freezable gel built into its walls. 

All you need to do is fold it, keep it in your freezer overnight, and by morning, its walls will get frozen. Store bottles of breastmilk in it, and you are good to go for the whole day—no need to add any ice pack.  

So, its weight gets reduced as you won’t carry an ice pack with you. What’s more, I like its ease of usage and its uniqueness from bottle cooler bags. 


No need for ice packs   
Keeps breastmilk cold for up to 12 hours
Easy, comfortable carrying handle  
It’s easy to clean and wash
It’s made from environmentally friendly products to protect your baby
Reduced weight because you won’t carry ice packs with you  
Easy to identify due to the provided name tag  


Too large and bulky for some nursing mothers  
Difficult to wash since it is not advisable to use a washing machine 
It doesn’t come with breastmilk bottles
If you are a nursing mother who doesn’t want to deal with ice pack hassles, this breastfeeding cooler bag is for you. It’s for women that simply want to put their breastmilk bottle into it and head out.


This insulated bag can keep your baby’s breastmilk cold for up to 8 hours, thanks to its insulated lining.    

It also lasts longer and has water-resistant materials, including 600D Oxford fabric and Aluminum foil lining.  

It comes with two-type zippers for easy access.  All you need to do is put water in the ice packs and keep it in your freezer for about 8 to 10 hours. Afterward, put the ice packs in the breastfeeding cooler bag.


8-hour cooling made possible by the insulated lining and ice packs  
Multiple zipper design for easy access and more convenience
You can carry it with your hands or on your shoulders, thanks to the adjustable strap  
Made with quality, water-resistant material for long-lasting use
Store more items in the extra front zipper pocket
180-days warranty  
Easy to clean


The plastic handle could be more durable 
The bottom needs to be more rigid to prevent bottles from falling over 
The outer pocket could be larger 
It is the best fit for nursing mothers that want to carry as many as 6 bottles while retaining their cool. 


The Teamoy Breast Pump Bag is a fashionable breast pump and cooler bag in the form of a backpack. This makes it less conspicuous than other best cooler for breastmilk on this list. 

And you know what I like about it? It is multipurpose. 

It has a compartment for storing breast pumps and another compartment with ice packs to hold and cool breast milk bottles. So, you can use it to keep the pacifier for breastfed baby.  It is also large enough to hold your Lunch and your snacks/drinks. 

You have two extra side mesh pouches, a front zipper pocket, and an additional inside zipper pocket. There is also a rear anti-theft zipper pocket for storing valuables like phones, wallets, and keys.  

The backpack design makes it perfect for long journeys. The shoulder straps are also well-padded, and its cushioned back provides additional comfort.    

Above all, it is also leak-proof and water-resistant.  


Looking fashionable 
Can store breast pumps as well as breastmilk bottles
It is large enough to store your food too  
It is the best cooler for transporting, thanks to the comfortable backpack design and multiple compartments  
Extra pockets for storing accessories like foldable umbrellas and water bottles
Anti-theft zipper pocket for storing keys, wallets, and other valuables   


The straps are too short 
It doesn’t come with the ice packs, so you’ll have to buy the ice packs separately 
Some condensation might form on the top section if the ice pack is at the bottom section
Teamoy Breast Pump Bag is the best cooler for traveling with breastmilk, thanks to the lovely backpack design. If you are looking for something fashionable, unconventional, and multipurpose, this product is for you


Made from polyester with a simple design, this compact breastmilk cooling storage does a good job keeping your breastmilk cold.

Some nursing mothers desire a simple one, and this bag does the trick for them. 

It supports regular breastmilk bottles and can hold about 4 of them. 

To use this breastmilk cooler bag, you have to fill the ice pack, freeze it and refreeze it when needed. 

It is also easy to clean. There is also a zippered wet/dry pouch by the side to store breast shield, breast pump parts, and other accessories.    


Compact design that makes it easy to carry 
Easy to clean 
The simple, inconspicuous design 
100% customer satisfaction guarantee


It can only hold 4 bottles 
Lack of other features 
If you need a compact breastmilk cooler, this is for you. If you also need something that embodies simplicity, this is the right breastmilk cooler for you


If you need the best cooler for breastmilk to carry your baby’s food and drinks for yourself, consider getting this J.L bottle cooler.   

It can hold up to 6 breastmilk bottles and keep them cool for hours. It also has compartments for storing food containers, cutlery, baby bib, and other accessories. 

Besides, it comes with a reusable breast milk ice pack. You can fill it up and freeze it overnight before placing it in the bag.   

And that’s not all. 

It can also hold a breast pump, thanks to its large size. So, you can have your breast pump, feeding bottles, Lunch, water bottle, drink, and other accessories all in one bag. Hence, you don’t have to carry additional bags with you.  


Can carry a lot of items or serve as an all-in-one bag 
Environmentally friendly bag
Easy to clean  
It is Leak-proof
Heat-sealing bag
Has shoulder strap for comfortable carrying  


Too big to carry 
The strap is not adjustable 
The zipper is low quality 
It is a perfect choice for breastfeeding mothers that need a one-size-fits-all solution. You can store your breast pump, cool your breast milk, and carry other accessories and items with you. 

Things to Consider Before Buying Cooler Bag

1. Carrying Capacity and Size

The size and carrying capacity you opt for depends on how much breast milk you want to pump. Some nursing mothers prefer a small one that can fit into a larger pumping or diaper bag. 

But if you pump a lot of breastmilk every day, consider getting one large enough to contain many feeding

bottles. It should also have a lot of space for ice packs and extra pockets for milk storage.

2. Insulation

The insulation is the most important thing to check for. The more insulated it is, the longer it will keep milk cold. If you aren’t transporting milk for long distances, you don’t need a heavily insulated type. 

But, if you are traveling long distances, you need one that is well insulated to keep the contents cold.  

3. Aesthetics

The bag aesthetic matters a lot too. As a woman, you’ll want something that looks fashionable and nice to carry. Some manufacturers know this, and they release stylish bags to the market.     

4. What Technology Does the Bag Use?

Most cooler bags come with ice packs but have varying insulation levels. Some use a simple foil technology, while others add another foam layer on the foil top. You can store some inside the freezer.

Some people store their milk in plastic Ziploc storage bags and then put them into a freezer. Afterward, they place it in the breastmilk cooler. 

5. Additional Storage

Additional storage is good, especially if you have other things you want to carry. You can put in your breast pump pieces, short nipple bottles, snacks, and other items in the additional storage slots. 

Those storage slots will come in handy as you can access other items without opening the main compartment.      

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long Does the Cooler Keep Breast Milk Cold? 

In the average climate, it should keep breast milk cold for 8 hours, using the inclusive Sarah Wells ice pack, of course.

If possible, mothers can place their bottle coolers in refrigerators during the day time.

You can also use Kelly Mum and the CDC resources for the standard guidelines on how to store breast milk.

2. How Do I Clean My Breast Pump Bag? 

The best way to remove stains and spills from the bag is to scrub it gently using a damp cloth with minimal detergent.

3. How Much Milk Can Each Container/Bag Store?

Breast milk storage should be in 2–4-ounce increments, which helps prevent milk wastage. It is also much easier to warm this amount.


As a nursing or lactating mother, keeping your baby’s food in  a breastmilk cooler bag will prevent spoilage. 

Hence, choose the best cooler for breastmilk from the selected option above while going through the provided guide. Indeed, you don’t want to give your baby spoilt milk. 

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