Best Baby Night Light to Accompany Your Baby Through the Night


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Your guide to finding the best nightlight for nursery. 

Getting a little one to sleep can be no easy task. You need to have a proper schedule, feeding time, and a nighttime environment to help them settle for bed. Many find having the best baby night light is a key factor in a successful routine. 

To create a drowsy and peaceful environment, you need the correct lighting. You can achieve this ambiance with a soft night light or a baby night lamp. Even if you already have a lamp, it may not have the proper dimness to get your tot to rest. 

So, let’s see what the benefits are and help you choose the best nightlight for the nursery

Quick Products Compare

Tiny Love Soothe ‘n Groove Mobile

  • 20 to 40 minutes of continuous music
  • Multipurpose use
  • Durable due to high-quality plastic and fabric
  • 18 different melodies 
  • Soft and dimming night light
  • Attractive toys
  • Different types of music options – relaxing, energetic, and many more. 
  • Can be turned into a standalone music box

Baby Soother Toys Owl White Noise Sound Machine

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Battery-operated 
  • LED-light usage
  • Soft-toy like material 
  • Five different volume settings
  • Different melodies 
  • Automatic timer
  • Hand washable

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine, Night Light and Time-to-Rise

  • Minimalist design 
  • Various color and music options
  • Plug in night light baby product
  • Lightweight 
  • Phone-operated
  • Multipurpose 

Skip Hop Baby Sound Machine

  • Portable nightlight
  • Battery-operated 
  • Lightweight 
  • Tabletop night light, stroller, and diaper bag-friendly
  • Affordable 
  • Polyester material 
  • Easy to attach 

Munchkin Light My Way Nightlight

  • LED light source
  • Good-quality plastic material 
  • Uses batteries
  • Portable
  • Non-heating material 
  • Automatic timer

What is Baby Nightlight? 

This option is simply a type of lamp that is specifically designed for babies and toddlers’ rooms. 

These lamps come with different technologies, including audio and visual features to help make your kid drowsy. There are some products that have star designs with a mellow tune that can get anyone drowsy!

There are also many other benefits that we list below. 

Benefits of the Best Baby Night Light

A baby nightlight may not seem like a major necessity, yet it is a product that can definitely make things easier for you. If you aren’t sure why, just read on. 

1. Keeps Your Little One Comfortable 

You may not want to keep your little one in another room if they have a fear of the dark. 

By utilizing one for evenings, it can help them in overcoming this fear and when you want them to transition from cosleeping to crib. 

2. Makes it Easy to Check On Them 

Have you ever tripped over a toy in the dark and ended up waking up your tiny one? This product can help you avoid such accidents in the future! Using a nightlight for the nursery, you can navigate easily and check on them without turning on any lights. 

3. Health Benefits 

Apart from the visual benefits, this product also has health benefits for your little one. The American Optometric Association states that keeping the nightlight on in your child’s room can help in boosting their visual development. 

That’s not all, either. It can also help in developing your child’s circadian rhythm, the body’s natural clock, as they grow up.  

4. Ease of Feeding 

Nursing in the evening hours can disrupt everyone if you use regular lighting. By using this product, you can continue feeding them easily and even put them to bed again without worrying about them waking up fully. 

A good child nightlight also has additional benefits, like during nighttime potty training as they grow. 

Considerations for Choosing the Best Nightlight for Nursery 

Finding the best nightlight for a nursery can be a little tough, depending on the requirements for you and your little one. 

There are some things that you can keep in mind when narrowing down a decision, such as:

1. Portable or Non-Portable 

These usually comes in two types, portable and non-portable.

A non-portable one usually requires a power outlet where it can be plugged in. For this style, you need to consider the location of the outlet. If it is too far from their crib, it can be too dim, or if it is too close, it can be too bright. 

You may want to choose a portable nightlight that you can place anywhere in the room and even use while traveling.

2. The Type of Bulb Used 

Some night lamps allow you to replace the bulb when it doesn’t work anymore. This can help save costs, while some products do not have that option. 

In those cases, you’ll have to change the whole product rather than just the bulb. This can lead to unnecessary and repetitive costs, especially if you use it regularly. 

3. The Color of the Light 

Different night lamps have different colors, such as blue, white, yellow, red, and others. However, alternative colors can have an effect on your child. 

Did you know that blue and white light may actually make your kid more attentive than drowsy? On the other hand, the red and yellow colors may make them drowsier. 

It could be because these colors represent twilight and dawn that tend to make a person sleepy. Additionally, the color red may also be associated with the womb and consequently, helps make them feel more secure and familiar.  

4. Brightness 

A very important thing to consider for this product is brightness. 

It should have a mild brightness that can help evoke drowsiness in your little one. Alternatively, it should also be strong enough that you can easily navigate through the room without issues. 

Before you decide on one, consider checking the brightness. You can try positioning yourself in the sleeping area with the light. Check if the lamp seems too bright on the eyelids or may distract your child. 

If this is the case, then consider exchanging it for another with lower impact in their room. You can also explore dimmer night lights. 

5. Other Added Features

If you’re looking for fancy nightlights for baby, you can go for the ones with some added features. 

There is a whole host of products that have special audio and visual aids if you extra features. They can be toy-shaped to make if more fun for your child. 

Some of these products also have special timers that can turn off the lamps after a period. Timers can help in saving electricity and even maintenance costs. 

To make things a little easier for you, we have compiled a list of the best five baby night light for your precious one. 

Best Baby Nightlight for Nursery 


Tiny Love Soothe ‘n Groove Mobile is one of the best multipurpose infant night light products with music.

It comes with three different types of options such as: ‘Into the Forest’, ‘Meadow Days’, and ‘Tiny Princess Tales’. In all of these options, the defining factor is the different kinds of melodies and toys that come along with the product. 

Did you know that this crib mobile and lamp comes with almost up to 18 different types of melodies? This makes it a great fit for babies who easily get bored with the same stuff each evening. 

Depending on the type of model you choose, the melodies play for between 20 to 40 minutes continuously. This helps as a lullaby and can make your little one drowsy. 

It contains a soft glow that has the perfect amount of dimness and brightness, to make your little one rest snugly. 

There are also other benefits. Each model comes with different types of spiralling attractive toys that can help your child’s visual and linguistic development. If your child has outgrown the mobile toys, you can simply use it as a music box as well. 


Best for soothing hyperactive babies
Comes in different toy options offering flexibility
The perfect intensity 
Can help in the overall development of their cognitive skills  
Can convert to a music box once your little one grows up 
Has different tunes for bedtime as well as playtime  
Soft music that won’t cause a disturbance  


Toy motor may get a little noisy
Different melodies can still be repetitive to some people 
Not very lightweight and may require more space 

Tiny Love Soothe ‘n Groove Mobile is the best fit for hyperactive babies who get bored easily, as this mobile and lamp has various toys and music. It is also a great light for newborns.


The second to our list is this cute little owl soft toy that comes with both music and a soft light. Owls are known as night creatures, but this lovely owl lamp will help your little one to sleep soundly, due to its calming melodies and pacifying visuals. 

Kids love galaxies and stars, similarly, this soothing night light will enhance your tiny tot’s rest with its beautiful starry visuals and dim light. It comes with a set of ten different melodious lullabies that can help make even the most restless babies sleep. 

This owl lamp also comes with a built-in timer. If you don’t want to keep it on for the entire night, then the good news is that it will turn off after 30 minutes by itself.

Another positive aspect with this product is that due to its plush, portable, and lightweight material, you can carry it with you in the car, bus, or wherever you need.


Ease in carrying it anywhere
Soft and plush material for their comfort
Straps for placing it whenever you want
Soothing lullabies with mesmerizing starry visuals
Ease in cleaning


Straps may have a weak hold
It may not be stand solid on its own due to its circular surface
Repetitive costs of batteries

Baby Soother Toys Owl White Noise Sound Machine is the best fit for babies who can get extremely anxious in a dark room since the music and visuals may calm them down. 


Are you looking for a simple, yet effective lamp? Well, then this one is the perfect match for your needs. 

This simple white LED-light comes in a minimalist design and has a pleasant sound to make your tot fall asleep. This baby room night light can blend in very well with any type of surroundings and rooms with a theme. 

One great attribute is that you can control every setting from your phone with the help of an app. You are free to change the colors of the lamp and also adjust the volume for their comfort zone. 

It can be turned on or off automatically depending on the settings on your phone. This way you won’t have to disturb your child by going into the room repeatedly. 

Apart from the above features, you can also use this lamp as an alarm clock. This makes it multi-purpose and you can even use it when they grows up!


Easy to use with a phone app
Blends well with any background
Color, music, and volume flexibility
Can be used as alarm, and music box too
No costs of buying batteries 
As it is phone-controlled, you can prevent waking up your child because of entering the room


Not travel-friendly as you require a power source 
Not good for children who like lamps with toys and attractive visuals
The app may not install on some phones 

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine is a versatile product and is the best fit for all age groups. It is also great for those who want a simple nighttime light.



This owl-shaped night lamp product is specifically made for mothers wanting a compact lamp that is portable for napping time. 

Often when you and your child are out and about, you will want your little one to rest peacefully. In these situations, you can consider using this product for these specific attributes. 

It is battery-operated and gives you the ability to carry it anywhere. Additionally, it only weighs around 0.45 pounds, making it ideal to attach it to a stroller or diaper bag. The silicone straps help in a better grip and attachment. 

It comes with four different sounds, including two lullabies and two natural melodies. This can help your little one fall asleep outside their home environment as well. 

In case you want to extend the battery life, it has a flexible automatic timer with three settings to choose from. 


The best product for outdoors 
Comes with peaceful melodies 
Has a solid grip with the silicone handles
Different timer settings for 15, 30, and 60 minutes
Phthalate-free, eliminating any harmful side effects 


Not the best for indoor use
Limited and basic features
The sound may get too quiet
Cost of changing batteries 

Skip Hop Baby Sound Machine is the best fit for babies who have a hard time napping while they are outside the home. 


The last in our list is the special Munchkin Light My Way Nightlight for a toddler.

This childproof night light is one of the best in the market if your kid has a habit of holding things while they sleep for assurance and comfort. 

Due to its lightweight, battery operation, and portable handle, your child can even sleep with it. 

You may wonder if that it is indeed safe. This lamp has a special LED-technology that doesn’t cause the lamp to heat up. It is made of plastic, which doesn’t conduct heat easily or cause harm to your little one. 

Even though it is a lamp, this product has a really soft glow to it that can help make your kid feel more relaxed. To save the battery life, it will also turn off automatically after 20 minutes. 

Since it is portable, you can carry it with you anywhere you want. 


Easy to hold and cuddle
Easy to carry anywhere 
May last for more than two years
Extremely affordable 
Soft and dim lamp 
Adorable and compact design 
Saves battery-life with an automatic timer 


Trouble turning the device on/off
The extra cost of batteries
20 minutes automatic shut-off might not be enough for some children and parents

Munchkin Light My Way Nightlight is best fitted for toddlers, since it is easy to hold and offers comfort in the dark. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you keep the nightlights ON for a long time?

The answer to this question will vary from product to product. Some products may have the capacity to stay on for the entire night while some may turn off automatically after some time of inactivity. 

However, safety-wise, try to keep them away from any flammable materials if the product heats up after extended use.

2. Which color light to go for? 

We recommend going for red color light as it stimulates sleep and helps in reducing any fear or anxiety. 

3. Are LED lights safe for babies? 

LED lights are safe as long as the exposure time is low. So, if you’re using an LED-lamp, we suggest keeping it ON for a short time as long exposures may cause eye damage. 

4. When to Start Using a Night Light? 

You can consider buying one if you’re planning to make your little one sleep alone. An evening lamp may help in reducing fear and anxiety due to darkness. 

5. Where to Place the Night Light? 

If you’re confused about where to place this product, we advise you to put it slightly away from your child. Sometimes even dim ones can disturb your little one’s sleep!


When shopping for the best baby night light, keep in mind all the contributing factors and attributes. By determining what your needs and wants are, you can narrow down the choices for your nursery. 

Trust us, once you start using one, with the perfect features, you’ll make your little one sleep easier, helping in their brain development, and you can enter their room without stepping on their toys.

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